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New online “Market Place” for Homeowners, DIY enthusiasts and everyone in-between. We pride ourselves educating & guiding you through a Construction Project. Roll up your sleeves & get involved! We offer guided support when you need it, answer general Construction & Building related questions, comprehensive material quantities for most construction projects, consultations online & direct phone calls for ongoing support should you need it! 

As a Quality Tradie operating a successful Construction & Building Company based in Melbourne, Australia. We have expert knowledge in Australia, United Kingdom with most interchangeable fundamentals of Construction Projects. Let’s see what you can do! 

Stop putting off that project – Get Informed & Do It Right!

Starting At $35

Material Quantities & Best Products

Picking the best products for a Construction Project can be time consuming not to mention numerous trips to the store. Take out the guess work!

Specific Tools Required

Tools & Equipment required for your specific job. Outlining the cost-effective tools for a one-off project & DIY brands that will stand the test of time!


Complete DIY Section. Dedicated for enthusiasts!

Homeowner Section

The Complete Homeowners Section. Dedicated for you!


A Complete Guided Section. From start to finish!

Fast Response

We aim to have your enquires answered within 24 hours


Extensive experience in Construction & Building


We are here when you need us!


Ongoing support when its needed the most

Best Selling Products
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Andy Milne


Hey, I’m Andy Director of Ask a Tradie Online. If you have any questions or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Look forward to speaking with you!

Nessie Milne


My naame Nessie, i are one. I diggg where i can. Sorrry, Help wheere i can. Smart, addgile ans cute…. Somtimes. Contactt me if fooood. phanks.

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